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Phones in the Classroom?

Using technology for communication skills, can automatically recruit a significant number of embedded values, that workshop-only teaching may struggle to achieve…


22/08/18 – James Bryce

Find your voice - 2

I believe our understanding and teaching of communication skills has got stuck in ‘high context’ land. We talk about presentations, public speeches and interviews…


20/08/18 – James Bryce

Always be listener centric (part 2 of 2)

Listeners will enjoy processing your KEY WORDS as a node around which to hang their understanding of what you’re saying..


16/08/18 – James Bryce

An introduction to speech intelligence (part 1 of 2)

Speech Intelligence is the difference between confusing or artificial speech and clear, natural connection with others as often as possible…


13/08/18 – James Bryce

Find your voice -1

Good communication learning frameworks are realistic. Formal speech making is something that may have been necessary in the past, when the…


16/08/18 – James Bryce

The Science of Speech Intelligence

gweek is an ecosystem for communication skills assessment and learning and has defined communication skills as an entity; learning how to value its constituent elements…


13/08/18 – James Bryce

The importance of communication

Warren Buffet once said that we could never over invest on communication skills. For someone like Warren Buffet, who has to make regular public appearances…


16/08/18 – James Bryce

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