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gweek for education

Do your students know what effective communication sounds and looks like?

Today’s effective communicators look beyond scripts, powerpoint and the formal public speech of yesterday.

They look to their Speech Intelligence.

The true, life-long ability to inform and influence others, no matter the circumstance.

For life, love and work alike.

Let’s nurture a generation of clear, confident and authentic communicators. A generation that loves to communicate in person. Comfortable in their own voice. Resilient.

A gweek education programme is…
  • Digital, self-directed learning in communication skills
  • Formative learning and structured assessment
  • Skills and concepts for life
  • Embeddable within learning programme or curriculum
  • For staff, as much as for students

‘gweek is that rare example of AI genuinely delivering on its potential to enhance learning. It has been an instant success with students and staff. Easy to integrate into existing curriculum, gweek’s gamified approach, real-time feedback and intuitive interface has kept learners engaged, and encouraged deeper reflection on their own progress. Students quickly gained confidence in their spoken communication while using gweek, ultimately becoming more authentic and accomplished speakers.’ Crispian Farrow, Learning Technology Advisor, English Schools Foundation

‘gweek has transformed the way learners communicate. Learners reflect on what authentic communication looks like and how the listener hears the message. Strategies such as speech mapping help them to see how the message flows. The instant feedback from gweek makes all the difference and the learners want to try again straight away to improve their score. As they practice, they are constantly learning and improving. How we communicate is an essential skill for now and the future. We don’t always explicitly teach this skill and now we have a tool that uses the latest technology to do it! This is innovation at its best to make a difference to our learners. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough for teachers and learners.’
Judy Cooper, Principal, Nexus Schools

‘I realized how much of what I taught about communication skills was based on how I was taught it 15 years earlier. Now, with gweek training and the app, I have found an evidence based approach that helps teach authentic communication in a much more efficient way.

Teaching communication skills was always difficult in my classroom. I would model good communication, practice in pairs and usually rely upon student self-assessment before any formal presentation. While I might have had the chance to watch a couple minutes of a handful of students, it was impossible to listen to everyone and provide feedback. Self-assessment felt like it was helping but it relied upon self-perception and criticizing oneself is no easy task, especially when it comes to such a personal skill like communicating verbally. gweek’s app and teacher training fixed all of this! Not only was I given a better set of tools to understand both what effective communication looked like and how to teach it, I was also given an app that gives personalized feedback to every student.

Students loved learning what good communication looked like, especially using the leader-board to compare their communication skills to famous people. Importantly, they used the app and received tailored feedback on a continual basis – an essential tool to improve a skill like communication.
Eric Sheforgen, Teacher, International School of Lausanne

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