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the Importance of Communication

microphoneWarren Buffet once said that we could never over invest on communication skills. For someone like Warren Buffet, who has to make regular public appearances and successfully motivate and lead his teams, communication skills are hugely important. But why is communication skill so important for the rest of us?

People struggle everywhere, we’re generally not good at communicating under pressure, many of us buckle, get confused or just avoid it entirely. Poor communication skills are the world’s oldest personal development block.

Good communication is about how effective you are at getting your message to another person or group of people. Making sure the information being passed is maximised and not lost in clutter. In general people speak more than they listen and with ever reducing attention spans, learning how to be a great communicator is not just a case study but an art.

Most of us would recognise that in our working life good communication is vital. Whether it’s getting your message across to your team, presenting to the board or acing your next interview it’s recognised that speaking authentically and with clarity is vital.

But it’s not just in our professional world.

Being able to speak clearly, be heard and be able to influence people matters throughout our lives. It could be the first time you have to present to the class in school, it could be giving a best man’s speech, or it could be having a difficult conversation with your best friend. All of these moments can be frightening and make you nervous, but this fear reduces if you can become a happier, more confident speaker.

Like any skill, improving your speaking and communication can happen if you learn and practice.

Try reducing the load!

To start with, try pausing more frequently and for longer. It might seem strange at first but keep going. You can also use simpler word groups. We tend to say too many words in one go and get a little bit lost in complicated sentences that are too long.

These steps will help make things easier for you and for the person or people who are listening. They will stay more focused and your minds ability to plan what to say next will improve.

On your marks, get set, speak!

 – James Bryce

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