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What powers gweek?

gweek is an ecosystem for communication skills assessment and learning and has defined communication skills as an entity; learning how to value its constituent elements.

gweek is powered by Speech Intelligence Analytics® (SIA), a proprietary scoring methodology and is concerned with your core abilities as a communicator. SIA tracks, cross refers, and rates observable behavioural events associated with clarity of expression, physical authenticity and consistency in speech-based communication, producing a score (or series of scores) reflecting:

  • A speaker who is clear, confident and in control. Utterances are easy to follow; thoughts are expressed simply and naturally.
  • An authentic communicator who extends and flexes their natural self, no matter the scenario. From interviews and meetings in their professional life, to spontaneous encounters with a friend.
  • Resilience, adaptability and consistency, with the ability to change environment and adapt intelligently to new circumstances.

Learners submit voice and audio-visual ‘calls’ using the app or browser. They are asked to speak spontaneously on a subject of their choice for 1-2 minutes. Their gweek score is produced and is out of 100 points. The Learner’s personal dashboard displays each score, a relevant peer comparison alongside personal feedback and learning goals. The Learner then places regular calls until scoring thresholds are reached.

The scoring formulae are designed solely by gweek and a trade secret. Underpinning the formulae are the base and universal physiological/cognitive processes associated with human verbal and non-verbal communication. Each Si level assesses an array of behavioural phenomena. For instance, your use of empty pauses (as opposed to awkward hesitations/filled pauses) or your natural eye movement and its link to your memory recall. Si1 represents the core, functional elements of communication skilling. Without these in place, a speaker will find it harder to express themselves efficiently. Si2-4 subsequently analyse additional phenomena. They represent higher orders of analytics and learning.

Each Si level is deliberately designed to reflect a sustainable step-by-step learning process. During the initial design phase, it was deemed critical that Speech Intelligence Analytics® could apply universally.

 – James Bryce

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